3 Ways Journaling Boosts Your Productivity

Do you find yourself getting slightly depressed when you see those beautiful illustrated journals on Instagram ? Does it make you say “Nope, not for me, I’ll stick to my to-do list!”?

We feel you. Trust us, a journal doesn’t need to be beautiful to increase your productivity. Here are three things that any journal can do for you and help you become more productive.

It keeps you organised

Having a nicely laid out journal with sections can help you a lot. You can keep all your work and personal tasks in one place, as long as you have a good division. We love using Washi tape to label sections – it makes things faster to find, not to mention it looks great! For the ones who are in need of multiple sections, why don’t you add a little index in the beginning? Flip through the pages easily and always find what you need!

It lets you focus on what matters

Too many things to take care of and just too little time? Yup, we have all been there! We suggest taking all the tasks and putting them in a timeline. You can make simple daily, weekly and monthly goals. Add a little colour to separate the tasks into work, personal and other. The next time you start freaking out about having too many things to do, this list will help you stay on track.

It makes you more creative

There is nothing better than good old pen and paper when you need to get your creative juices flowing! Having a desk stacked with mountains of papers and torn Post-its only looks good in movies. When using a journal you can simply allocate a page (or a section) for brainstorming. Don’t worry if the ideas don’t come fast. Being able to look back on the things you have already written down often helps. A pro tip: use a notebook with dots or plain pages, because school is over and it’s time to colour outside the lines (pun intended)!

To all the little skeptics out there: it is time to let yourself go and give journaling a try. Trust us, it will be worth it and you will join the community of the stationery-obsessed in no time! If you still think all this sounds like too much work, you can take our printables for a spin. We’ve got one for all your needs, and if we don’t – drop us a comment with the ones you would like to see from us.

Good luck and stay productive!

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