Dot Grid Notebooks Are The Best

Here at That Stationery Slut, we believe that dot grid notebooks offer more creative flexibility than regular notebooks. Have a read through the below to find out why.

What is dot grid notebook anyway?

The Dot Grid was developed as an alternative to traditional lines and boxes. The light geometric dot matrix serves as a subtle guide for your notations and sketches. It really is the best of both world – it is the perfect between lined paper and plain paper.

Popular dot grid notebooks:

Rhodia dot grid

Rhodia pads and notebooks are loved by designers and architects – and the most popular ruling in the pads is dot grid. This paper is fountain pen friendly and the dot grid rule is particularly faint on these.

Moleskine dot grid

Not all Moleskine releases come in dot grid, but the core range of Moleskine Classic does. Moleskine actually refer to it as ‘dotted’ – but it is dot grid. The dot grid on Moleskine is a little more pronounced in these notebooks. The nifty pocket is a great place to store loose notes or stickers.

Hard XL

Leuchtturm1917 dot grid

Leuchtturm has many fans, largely due to its fountain pen friendly paper. Many of their core collection notebooks come in a dot grid. Also, their very popular Bullet Journal notebook comes in dot grid.


Field Notes dot grid

Field notes release quarterly ‘Colors’ Editions and sometimes these come in a dot grid. The dot grid is quite noticeable on these notebooks. They have a dot grid about every third or forth releases, so be sure to keep your eye out!

Field Notes

We know that committing to just one journal can be hard, but we have them all for those tough times 😉

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