Field Notes Left-Handed Original Kraft Memo Book (Ruled 3 Pack)


Ten percent of the world’s population is left-handed. Field Notes figured it was about time to make a memo book just for them. It’s identical to our Original Kraft Ruled Memo Book in every way except for this: we reversed the direction, and put the staples on the other side. These “Left-Handed” 3-Packs are available right now!

Field Notes original 48-page memo books, available in three variations, or as a mixed 3-Pack. Each book measures 89mm wide by 140mm tall and is bound by a rugged three-staple saddle-stitch process.

This pack includes 3 ruled memo books, each containing 48 pages.

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The covers and pages inside are acid-free. These memo books have durable flexible covers, designed to survive any back pants pocket or shirt pocket. The front of the inside cover has printed spaces for your contact information, should you lose the memo book. The back shows the Field Notes company’s story, lists practical applications for the memo books (with a sense of humor), and gives detailed specifications about the book itself. Manufactured and printed in the USA.

This pack includes 3 memo books, each containing 48 pages (24 sheets).