Stabilo Pastel Pen 68 Fibre Tip 8-pack


The STABILO Pen 68 is a high quality felt tip pen with specially selected colorants to ensure excellent brilliance and colour strength. Its odourless water based ink makes it ideal for drawing and colouring. With its robust M- Tip (1mm), it’s perfect for strong lines as well as large areas. No worries if you forget to put on the cap after use it can be left off for up to 24 hours without the pen drying out. Ideal for adding colour to your work and the perfect mind mapping tools along with the STABILO point 88 fineliner. The Pen 68 felt pen is ideal for the whole family.  Free your true colours with the STABILO Pen 68 felt pen the excellent colours make it more than just a pen – it’s a favourite!

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  • Colour-intensive premium felt tip pen for strong lines and large areas
  • High brilliance and luminosity
  • Robust M-Tip
  • Cap off time of up to 24 hours
  • Ventilated Cap