What our clients think...

I would like to complement you on your amazing fast service and lovely customer experience. Which includes your awesome branding and packaging and cute cards. I could have bought these pens from various shops, but I chose this one!! There are a lot of stationery nerds out there, hungry for cool funky wacky stationery.
(One of my dreams are to learn hand lettering, calligraphy. I hope I get to it. And I see you offer these pens too).
This might be a total overshare, but your store touched my heart and made me skip inside. I smiled when I went onto your website (I think us stationery nerds will get it). 🙂
I admire your passion and what you have created. It means something.
Again, I’m sorry if I am sounding overboard and weird, but I’m going through a very difficult time in my life and this morning after more horrible news—my package arrived. I was so excited to see the pastel colours, but they weren’t my first smile. My first smile of the day was when I saw the awesome cards of hope I found on top.
My first smile of the day!!!!!
– Marulé MacKay