When We Say Zebra Mildliner Highlighters…

When we say Zebra what image pops into your head?










Yeah, us too.   

When we say Highlighter what imagine pops into your head?

Yeah, us too.

When we say schoolgirl crush, what image pops into your head?

Yeah, us too.

Wait a minute.  Wait a minute. We’re going off topic here, so easy for us to do, but let’s stick to just one of our predilections: stationery.  

So, when we say Zebra Mildliner highlighter what pops into your head?

Nope, not us.

When we say Zebra Mildliner highlighter, this is what pops into our heads.


That’s because we’ve already become acquainted with the amazing, covetable Zebra Mildliner highlighters and now you can too!

Zebra Mildliner highlighters are a great product out of Japan which caught the public’s attention a couple of years ago at the start of the Bullet Journal craze.  We also came to love them because of our own Bullet Journal obsessions but they have so many other uses.

With the start of the academic season just passed, most students have exited the flush of the new term and entered into the panic of Matric Exams.  All of the lackadaisical note taking and procrastination has probably caught up with them, and they are reaching randomly around for something solid to hold onto.  If you know any such students, then hold out a pack of Zebra Mildliner highlighters for them to grasp. They will help them to academic safety.

We’re not being glib.  Researchers have actually proven that colours can affect your ability to learn. Colours, each with their own wavelength, affect the neurological pathways in the brain.  For instance, in a presentation on the Prezi website a researcher tests the effect of using black, blue and red ink in a memorisation task for eighth graders.  When trying to memorise numbers in blue ink the students could remember an average of 4.0, in black ink the average was 4.1 but in red ink the average was 6.7.  Interesting, huh?

It’s not only red that can be helpful in learning, but green which helps concentration, and orange which is stimulating.  Now we know why as a student, we credited a handful of fluorescent green and orange highlighters – there weren’t any luscious Zebra Mildliner colours back then –with our exam successes.

Now, your favorite student can follow in our top-of-the-class (okay, perhaps we are exaggerating a little) footsteps with the help of a set of Zebra Mildliner highlighters.  The problem we all experienced at school is that sometimes the subjects were a little bit dry, so what better way to inject some fun into learning than to jazz up your notes with a little colour?  Oh, and the Zebra Mildliner highlighters are never dry. At least not until the end of an entire school year.

We’ve got them all.

Here at The Stationery Slut we offer four types of Zebra Mildliner highlighters each as appealing as the next, although our favorite is the Mild & Fluorescent. Probably because you can take the kid out of the 80’s but you can’t take the 80’s out of the kid.  So, because this set harkens back to the old school highlighters, reminiscent of those innocent days of girlhood and girlhood crushes, see above, wait a minute! Right, Zebra Mildliner highlighters in Mild & Florescent have great colours, see below:


We also have the Zebra Mildliner highlighters in the 3 Colour Set which comes with the most popular Mild & Fluorescent colours.

Zebra Mildliner

If the Zebra Mildliner colours found in the Mild & Fluorescent pack are simply updated, more attractive versions of traditional highlighters, the colours in the Deep & Warm pack are anything but.  Smoke Blue, Purple, Gold, Vermillion and Brown are just as appealing but far from conventional.


The Cool & Refined collection comes with Dark Blue, Green, Gray, Red and Violet pens that are, well, very cool; pretty laid back.


No matter your preference, all of the Zebra Mildliner highlighter packs contain beautiful colours that make traditional fluorescent highlighters want to hang their heads in shame.  The Zebra Mildliner colours are not the only improvement however, the pens are also double-ended. At one end is a 3mm bold tip and at the other, a 1mm fine tip. The bold tip is great for highlighting notes and the fine tip is great for underlining notes, as well as doodling in the margins. Us schoolgirls have to have fun some of the time!

Further Zebra Mildliner highlighters are made with water-based ink which is acid free and AP certified non-toxic. They are also water resistant and excellent for layering yet deliver consistent colour. Oh, and applied on top of dry ink they won’t smudge.

Whew, it all makes us want to step into a time machine with a pack and head off back to school, see above!  As time machines have not been perfected yet, we’ll have to settle for this decade, our Bullet Journals, and our perfected pack of Zebra Mildliner highlighters.  Ahhh, kind of like the good old days.

Whether you want to feel like you are back in the past or need to offer a life-preserving tool to a floundering student, you can check out our Zebra Mildliner highlighters here but beware they will change your idea of highlighters forever.  

Now, when we say…

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